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Copyright Information & Education: Fair Use     View
Overview of the fair use doctrine "which allows users of copyrighted works to exercise some rights under certain circumstances without seeking permission or paying royalties." It is "probably the most important exemption to copyright p ...

U.S. Copyright Office: Orphan Works     View
January 2006 report about "problems related to 'orphan works' -- copyrighted works whose owners may be impossible to identify and locate." Includes the full text of the report, the notice of inquiry, comments, roundtable discussion transcr ...

Copyright Renewal Database     View
"This database makes searchable the copyright renewal records received by the US Copyright Office between 1950 and 1992 for books published in the US between 1923 and 1963. Note that the database includes ONLY US Class A (book) renewals." R ...

Copyright Website     View
"Provides real world, practical and relevant copyright information for anyone navigating the net." Covers copyright notice, fair use, and public domain. Includes "copyright casebooks," famous copyright infringement cases regarding ...

Online Service Providers: Designation by Service Provider of Agent for Notification of Claims of Infringement     View
"The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, signed into law on October 28, 1998, amended the copyright law to provide limitations for service provider liability relating to material online." Features the full-text of the law, a directory of serv ...

A Brief Intro to Copyright     View
A succinct explanation of copyright and fair use. Includes several useful links, including one to the author's definitive article about "copyright myths."

Ten Big Myths About Copyright Explained     View
Answers those questions about copyright and the Internet.

Copyright & Fair Use     View
Searchable directory of information concerning copyright. Features an overview (including FAQs), primary materials (copyright laws, regulations, and cases), current legislation, and related links. Also contains sample guidelines and policies from col ...

Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders (WATCH)     View
Search the WATCH file to find contact information for the copyright holders of authors and artists whose works can be found in libraries and archives across North America and the United Kingdom. Useful for scholars and researchers who may need to obt ...

Copyright Duration     View
A flowchart for determining whether copyright is still in effect in the United States for a copyrighted work. The site notes that "generally, when you think of copyright term, you think in terms of the author's lifespan, plus some bonus years. H ...



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