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Happy Spamiversary! Spam Reaches 30     View
This April 2008 feature surveys the history of Internet spam starting 30 years ago when "a marketer at the now-defunct computer firm Digital Equipment Corporation, sent an email to 393 users of Arpanet, the US government-run computer network tha ...

Kosmix     View
Beta version of an Internet search engine that is designed to let "people search less, and discover more great stuff." Searchable by keywords in these categories: health, travel, video games, finance, and U.S. politics. Kosmix plans to add ...

Bloom     View
This site claims to be "the largest and most comprehensive florist and flower shops portal directory on the web with over 5,000 links to flower and gift related web sites throughout the world." Listings are browsable by continent, country, ...

Bookmarklets: Free Tools for Power Surfing     View
An interesting use of JavaScript included in URLs you can bookmark that can enhance your efficiency in searching the Internet, as well as several other scripts for checking Web page data, changing the look of pages you're viewing, navigating, and cha ...

Information Literacy: Search Strategies: Choose the Best Search Engine for Your Information Need     View
An excellent guide that matches a user's information need with the search engine characteristics in a chart. Includes a tutorial for clarifying what type of information is needed. Part of the NoodleTools collection of research tools. Created by libra ...

AskScott     View
This tutorial "helps you find the most appropriate Internet reference tool for your search." Topics include quotes, government information, international information, family issues, news, and more. Mainted by a professor and students of the ...

Searching the Internet Effectively     View
The author of this site introduces readers to basic Internet search tools, discusses how to use them effectively, and provides tips for evaluating results. Updated infrequently (it's a resource for a continuing education class), but the simple design ...

Web Search     View
Another site to monitor if you're interested in improving the way you look for information on the Web. There are articles about searching, links to great search sites and tools, reviews, news, and more. An site.

Search Tools Chart     View
Updated regularly, this handy chart displays the features of the best Internet subject directories and search engines.

Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools     View
A basic introduction. From the Olin and Uris Library, Cornell University, New York.



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