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Best Inventions     View
Time Magazine picks the top new inventions in the categories of food, travel, home, and gadgets of all sorts.

Louis Braille Bicentennial     View
"January 4, 2009, marks the bicentennial of the birth of Louis Braille, a genius inventor who bestowed the gift of literacy to blind people around the world." This site celebrates the 200th anniversary of Braille's birth by providing images ...

Robert Hooke     View
This site has biographical material and describes some of the contributions of this 17th century experimental scientist, architect, and inventor of (among many things) the conical pendulum, the universal joint, and the balance spring. From the School ...

Museum of Ancient Inventions     View
This online exhibit contains photos and descriptions of reproductions of forty-six inventions, including devices for early brain surgery (a trepanation kit) from 2000 BCE, a tumbler lock from 1000 BCE, a battery from 250 BCE, and devices from ancient ...

The Lemelson Center: Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation     View
Created to "document, interpret, and disseminate information about invention and innovation" and "to encourage inventive creativity in young people," this site focuses on the U.S. "Invention at Play" has learning activit ...

Thomas A. Edison Papers     View
This ambitious project on the prolific American inventor contains a searchable document database of the microfilm and book editions of Edison's papers, some of the editorial materials from those publications, a timeline, a list of the major Edison co ...

Technology in America     View
This site explores some technology history in the U.S. Specifically, the development of the telephone, the New York subway, and television, as well as the U-2 CIA spy plane and its pilot, Gary Powers. In addition, there is a technological timeline th ...

Invention Dimension     View
Web site devoted to American inventors and information related to past and current inventors. Equally interesting are the Hotlist sections: sites for children, research and development labs, the invention extension -- an eclectic collection of invent ...

Inventors     View
Find information about inventions and inventors: where to take an idea, marketing an invention, avoiding scams, getting funding, history of computers and the Internet, and lengthy alphabetical and chronological lists of people and creations. An About ...

National Inventors Hall of Fame     View
Hundreds of inventions and inventors, biographies, pictures, indexes of inventions and inventors. Searchable.




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