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Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour     View
"Edo is the ancient name for Tokyo. During the reign of the Tokugawa Shoguns, Japan's emperor reigned in secluded majesty at the imperial capital in Kyoto; however, the true center of power, government, the economy and social life was Edo, where th ...

Castles of Japan     View
"On this site, you will find information, pictures, and links regarding Japanese castles."

Experience Japan     View
Learn about one girl's experience in Japan and discover the "wonderful people, culture and education of Japan."

Zoom School Japan     View
Learn about Japan through the country's music, animals, art and more!

Kids Web Japan     View
"KIDS WEB JAPAN is intended for schoolchildren aged 10 to 14 living outside Japan. The EXPLORE JAPAN section contains basic facts about country, the MONTHLY NEWS summarizes major current topics, and KIDS LINKS contain lists of links to other kids' si ...

Here and There Japan     View
Read about everyday life in Japan.

Folk Legends of Japan     View
Read the fairy tales that Japanese children hear. Travel to a world of boy heroes, terrible ogres, animal antics, and more.

Language - Kids Web Japan     View
Here is a "fun and easy introduction to Japanese. You'll learn basic phrases that people use everyday, and you can practice them yourself after hearing how they're pronounced."

Daizenshuu! The Dragon Ball Z Podcast     View
Podcast covers various news and products related to Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) such as movies, manga, games, and toys.

The Symphony of Friendship     View
A story about the Japanese custom of playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony at Christmas.



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