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Committee of Concerned Journalists (CCJ)     View
The goals of this "consortium of journalists, publishers, owners and academics" include clarifying "the core principles and function of journalism" and "creat[ing] a better understanding of those principles by the public. ...

World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC)     View
This international organization that "includes 45 journalistic groups -- print, online and broadcast, labor and management, journalists, editors, publishers and owners on six continents" engages in the "fight against licensing of journ ...

Media Ethics Online     View
Online version of the print magazine that "strives to provide a forum for opinion and research articles on media ethics, as well as a venue for announcements and reviews of meetings, opportunities, and publications." Topics include coverage ...

Power Reporting: Resources for Journalists     View
This well-organized directory is useful for laypersons, as well as reporters. Web links cover government information, people finders, company research, nonprofit research, general reference, and more.

Journalism UK     View
A collection of media and journalism sources for the United Kingdom. Includes national and local newspapers, magazines, and other media links; news sources; jobs; training; international resources, and more. Research, Resources and Ideas to Improve Journalism     View
Provides daily news briefings, reports and tools for journalists, an excellent site map, and links for journalism, education, and jobs. From Project for Excellence in Journalism and Committee of Concerned Journalists.

Newswise: Search Tools for Reporters     View
"Newswise maintains a comprehensive database of news releases from top institutions engaged in scientific, medical, liberal arts and business research. The friendly interface allows you to search, browse or download any article or abstract. ...

Hunter S. Thompson Found Dead at His Home     View
Audio of story about the February 2005 death of "counter-culture author Hunter Thompson, who popularized a new form of personalized journalism," known as "gonzo journalism." Thompson was the author of "Fear and Loathing in La ...

Poynter Online     View
This well-regarded site from the Poynter Institute "provides journalists with reliable information, useful tools, and provocative suggestions." In addition to assistance aimed at journalists, the site features tutorials and articles useful ...

Getting It Right: A Passion for Accuracy     View
This column addresses the role of fact-checking in news reporting. Includes brief tips for fact checking during the writing and reporting processes, and links to related material on accuracy in reporting. From the Poynter Institute.



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