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Women's Labor History Links     View
A good directory of links to general women's labor history resources, labor song lyrics, biographies of women leaders (including Mother Jones, Lucy Parsons, Dolores Huerta, and Karen Silkwood), and organizations such as the Industrial Workers of the ...

Wisconsin: News and videos about Wisconsin -     View
Find the latest news on the controversy in Wisconsin at this CNN page dedicated to covering the story from all angles. The page has links to background stories as well as the latest news.

Illinois Labor History Society     View
This organization encourages "the preservation and study of labor history materials of the Illinois Region." The site features information about Illinois labor history locations, curriculum materials, and brief articles on subjects such as ...

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops, 1820-Present     View
A virtual exhibit of documents, garments, signs, and other artifacts illustrating the sweatshop history, the global fashion industry, the 1995 El Monte sweatshop, and attitudes from six spokespeople about sweatshops in the United States. From the Smi ...

Walter P. Reuther Library     View
"Established in 1960 to collect and preserve records of the American labor movement, with special emphasis upon industrial unionism and related social, economic, and political organizations in the United States." Features a list of links to ...

Mother Jones: The Woman     View
Article from Mother Jones magazine about its namesake Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones). The article notes that "few remember much about Mother Jones, who battled corporate presidents and politicians, who went to jail repeatedly for organizing wo ...

International Institute of Social History (IISG)     View
The IISG sponsors and fosters research in the history of the working class. There is a catalog of its holdings, plus exhibits, publications, special projects, and other activities. Includes tables of contents to the International Review of Social His ...

African American Labor History Links     View
Links to websites, journal articles, book excerpts, and film citations and reviews about the history of African Americans in the labor union movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike at which he was assassinate ...

WWW Virtual Library: Labour History     View
A directory of Web sites about labor "to assist historians, political and social scientists, and others with a historical interest." Topics include countries world-wide, libraries, museums, associations, journals, anarchism, gender, Jewish ...

The Labor Project     View
"Dedicated to the preservation of labor and working-class history in the Pacific Northwest," this project was developed at the University of Oregon "as a portal for researchers to access the documentary history of labor in Oregon and t ...



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