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Myths and Legends     View
"Myths and Legends contains scores of links to, and reviews of, mythology and legend-related sites. These are organized by culture. This page also serves as the home for the Sumerian, Assyro-Babylonian, and Canaanite Mythology FAQ's."

Thirty More Famous Stories Retold     View
Part of the Baldwin Project, a volunteer-run online library that provides the texts and illustrations of out-of-print children's books at no charge, this collection of thirty stories is for children ages 7 to 9, offering a more advanced vocabulary an ...

The Holy Grail     View
Presents interpretations of the Holy Grail by poets, writers, and artists. Provides the text of works such as Tennyson's "Sir Galahad," James Russell Lowell's "The Vision of Sir Launfal," and Jessie Weston's "Knights of King ...

Fact and Fiction in the Mother Load: The Legend of Joaquin Murieta     View
Background about the California Mother Lode's legendary bandit Joaquin Murieta. "In 1854, a San Francisco journalist who wrote under the pen-name 'Yellow Bird,' published a sensational and highly fictional account of the life of Joaquin Murieta, ...

Fantastic Fish of the Middle Ages     View
"Fantastic and incredible fish of the Middle Ages," from Lawrens Andrewe's late medieval manuscript "The noble lyfe & nature of man, Of bestes, serpentys, fowles & fisshes y be moste knowen." Includes illustrations from the period ...

Superstitions Online     View
A large list of popular superstitions.

Mexico for Kids     View
A site for kids created by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico where they can learn about Mexico's history, government, environment, and peoples. The site includes games, news, music and videos. In Spanish.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts     View
Resource providing links to mythology texts. Arranged alphabetically, users can browse everything from popular fairy tales to Russian ghost stories.

Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages     View
Illustrations and information on spices, the Apple of Sodom, trees of knowledge and life, and Barnacle, Bohun Upas (the Tree of Poisons), Amber, and Zieba trees. Includes bibliography.

Legends     View
Information and related links on Robin Hood, King Arthur, Hamlet and Macbeth, Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, the Three Musketeers, Beowulf, Vikings, knights, El Cid, William Morris, and "other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and f ...



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