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Lemur Is First Known Hibernating Primate, Study Says     View
News article about a 2004 study that finds that "the small, nocturnal lemur known as the fat-tailed dwarf lemur has been revealed as the first known tropical mammal to spend long periods in hibernation." From the National Geographic Society ...

Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations     View
"The primary goal of this site is to provide basic biological information pertaining to wild skunks." Topics include natural history, classification, and rabies. Includes photos, video clips, and articles. Also includes links to sites abou ...

Vancouver Island Marmot Pages     View
There are 14 species of marmots, the largest members of the squirrel family; Marmota vancouverensis lives "only in the high mountains of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada." This enthusiastic site features a lavishly illustrated fie ...

The Harvard Museum of Natural History     View
"The HMNH galleries presenting both permanent and changing exhibitions that draw from the collections of the parent museums. Exhibition highlights include the unique Glass Flowers collection, the historic Hall of Mammals, Romer Hall of Vertebrate Pal ...

LlamaWeb     View
Learn about how to care for, work with, and raise llamas. The site features information on training, grooming, behavior, breeding, and coloration. Also presents information on other members of the camel family ("camelids"), to which the lla ...

Snow Leopard Trust: Cat Facts     View
Part of the Snow Leopard Trust site, this page gives the few known facts about this beautiful and endangered big cat. Includes video clips, news and field reports, and projects for snow leopard research and conservation efforts.

Bear Safety in the North Cascades     View
Extensive safety tips for traveling in areas where bears are found, with specifics about black bears and grizzly bears. Provides material about identifying bear tracks, hiking (including how to react when you encounter a bear), and camping (particula ...

Gibbon Conservation Center (GCC)     View
Website for this California organization established "for the study, propagation, conservation and betterment of the highly endangered small ape, the gibbon, and for the education of the public about the plight of this fascinating primate. ...

Hedgehog Welfare Society     View
This Seattle-based organization "exists to protect the well-being of pet hedgehogs through rescue, research, and education of the people who care for them." The site provides a hedgehog FAQ, a list of individuals who have volunteered to res ...

USENET Hedgehog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)     View
Extensive information about hedgehogs as pets. Including legal issues--the animals are not currently (January, 2002) permitted as pets in Alabama, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Utah.



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