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Elephant Information Repository     View
General elephant information, including anatomy, family structure, intelligence, and conservation. In addition, the site has video clips of elephants in the wild and in captivity, audio files, and information about circus elephants and the resurgence ...

New Genome Comparison Finds Chimps, Humans Very Similar at the DNA Level     View
Summary of the results of the "first comprehensive comparison of the genetic blueprints of humans and chimpanzees [which] shows our closest living relatives share perfect identity with 96 percent of our DNA sequence." Includes the full text ...

House Rabbit Society     View
Visitors to this searchable site can consult a frequently asked questions section, take pop quizzes, and join the chat room. Rabbit adoption and health information as well as pictures and a children's page are examples of the topics covered. Some inf ...

Good News for Africa's Gentle Giants     View
"The world's population of critically endangered western lowland gorillas has received a huge boost. A new, groundbreaking census released [in August 2008] by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) shows massive numbers of these secretive great ...

Great Apes & Other Primates: Gorillas     View
Fact sheet about gorillas. Topics include species and subspecies (currently four, but "some primatologists list one additional subspecies of mountain gorilla"), physical description, geographic distribution, habitat, diet, reproduction, beh ...

Bat Conservation International     View
Website of a worldwide organization devoted to conserving bats. Includes articles, photos, and trivia; information about bat conferences, organizations, excursions, and volunteer opportunities; and tips on creating bat-friendly environments, buildin ...

Meerkats Stand Tall     View
Feature article about the behavior of these South African mammals, along with photos, video and audio clips, and a map showing the range of meerkats. Also includes a brief bibliography and an interview with the zoologist who wrote the article. From N ...

Meerkat Manor     View
Companion to a 2006 Discovery Channel Animal Planet series about this "small, masked mammal that thrives in one of the hottest and driest places on earth: southern Africa's Kalahari Desert." Features background about meerkats, photos, puzzl ...

Kenneth E. Behring Family Hall of Mammals     View
Companion website for this permanent museum exhibition of mammal specimens and fossils that "takes visitors around the world to see how mammals have adapted to different habitats, from the sweltering desert to the bone-chilling north." Inte ...

Coyote in California     View
Collection of materials about humans coexisting with coyotes in California. Includes links to materials from the "Keep Me Wild" campaign, a fact sheet about urban/suburban coyotes, and a white paper on suburban coyote attacks. From the Cali ...




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