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Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe     View
"Featuring more than 130 works of art, this exhibition focuses on the finest and most ambitiously illuminated books produced in Flanders (parts of present day Belgium and France) between 1470 and 1560." Browsable gallery includes images fro ...

DScriptorium     View
This site provides images from six medieval manuscripts, including "Life, Death and Miracles of Saint Jerome" and a Book of Hours. Features links to related resources. From a French professor at Brigham Young University (BYU).

The Aberdeen Bestiary     View
"A Bestiary is a collection of short descriptions about all sorts of animals, real and imaginary, birds and even rocks, accompanied by a moralizing explanation." The Aberdeen Bestiary appeared in 12th century England and is based on the ...

The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism     View
This site is inspired by the print Enclyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism by Rich Elliot. Site contains articles addressing aspects of scholarly textual criticism and an introduction to textual criticism.

Faces of Power and Piety: Medieval Portraiture     View
Companion essay to a 2008 exhibition that explored "portraits in illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages (about A.D. 500-1500)." It notes that, in contrast to modern portraiture, "medieval portraiture was primarily valued for its ab ...

Archimedes Palimpsest     View
A palimpsest is "a manuscript written on a surface from which one or more earlier writings have been erased as completely as possible." The tenth-century Archimedes Palimpsest is a source for two Archimedes Treatises, "The Method ...

Online Gallery: Sacred Texts: Picturing the Prophet     View
"This is an unusual example of the Prophet Muhammad pictured in an Islamic manuscript. It comes from a royal miniature made to illustrate a copy of the poems of the celebrated Persian Nizami, and depicts the Prophet's ascension to heaven on the ...

Australian Society of Archivists Inc. - Directory of Archives     View
Identifies the location of archival collections throughout Australia. Provides contact points between professional colleagues.

Leaves of Gold: Treasures of Manuscript Illumination From Philadelphia Collections     View
"Hidden in the collections of Philadelphia libraries is an unexpected treasure -- a rich trove of more than 7,000 medieval and Renaissance miniature paintings showing religious scenes, classical tales, historical events, and medieval romances. ...

Catalonian Manuscripts     View
A collection of images of over 100 Catalonian manuscripts, dating from the 11th through 16th centuries. Includes legal instruments, recording commissions, wills, donations, sales, exchanges, receipts, marriages, and payments. Many written in Latin. D ...




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