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JumpTV     View
JumpTV "is the world's leading broadcaster of television over the Internet. With nearly 300 channels from 75+ countries, JumpTV delivers its audience news, sports and entertainment content on a real-time basis." Much content is free, bu ...     View
This site provides links to a selection of "free online TV channels from around the world." Organized by language. Listings link directly to the programming, and indicate which media player is necessary to view the content. Provided by a so ...

UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc.     View
Representing thousands of journalists of color, this organization "is comprised of four national associations: Asian American Journalists Association, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and t ...

Library of American Broadcasting: Photographs     View
This site provides a collection ("The Jerry Lee On-Line Archive: A Visual History of Broadcasting") of several hundred photographs from its files of more than 25,000 radio and television history images. The collection is searchable; photogr ...

Center for Citizen Media     View
Website for an "initiative aimed at helping to enable and encourage grassroots media, especially citizen journalism." Features updates and analyses of current news, description of projects including "Principles of Citizen Journalism ...

AsiaMedia     View
This is "a daily electronic publication that delivers news about all aspects of the media in Asia, including its role in regional and national economies, societies, and political debate. ... [It also] publishes commentary by a range of journalis ...

The Center for Media and Public Affairs     View
"The Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) studies news and entertainment media using scientific content analysis. CMPA also conducts surveys and focus groups to illuminate the media's role in structuring the public agenda." Here you will find l ...

Finding My Religion     View
Ongoing series of interviews with people "from a cross-section of religious and cultural backgrounds to discuss their views on God, prayer, the afterlife and other topics." Some of the individuals interviewed include religious scholars, phi ...

Hearing America: A Century of Music on the Radio     View
Audio and transcript of a 2006 American RadioWorks documentary that explores the evolution of radio in the U.S. back to 1906. "Since then, music has dominated America's airwaves and it's been a cultural battleground." Illustrated essays dis ...

Arbitron     View
Arbitron "is an international media and marketing research firm serving radio broadcasters, radio networks, cable companies, advertisers ... and the online radio industry in the United States and Europe." Its site features local radio stati ...




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