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Today in History: May 30, Soldiers' Memorial Day     View
Collection of resources about this holiday, "[established] in 1868, [when] Commander in Chief John A. Logan ... issued General Order Number 11 designating May 30 as a memorial day 'for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating ...

United States Department of Veterans Affairs: Memorial Day     View
This page provides background on the U.S. Memorial Day holiday celebrated in May, covering history of the holiday (first celebrated following the Civil War) and the significance of taps and the poppy flower. Includes links to national cemeteries, vet ...

National Memorial Day Concert     View
Companion website to this Memorial Day concert broadcast on PBS from Washington, D.C. Features highlights (images and essays) and audio from the concerts, details and sound clips for "Salute to Services" (honoring each branch of the U.S. ar ...

The History and Origin of Memorial Day in Waterloo, New York     View
Brief historical background about the creation of the Memorial Day holiday, which was first observed in 1866 in Waterloo, New York, based on the work of Henry C. Wells and Civil War General John B. Murray. In 1966 the U.S. Congress officially recogn ...

History of Memorial Day -     View
"Uncover the interesting history of the holiday we now call Memorial Day. Discover little-known facts about America's wars and stop by the Veterans' Forum message boards to share your views with veterans, their loved ones, and fellow history buf ...

White House Commission on Remembrance     View
This site dedicated to Memorial Day (a U.S. holiday observed in May) offers a "History of Sacrifice," listing casualties from major conflicts back to the American Revolution, and background on the "Moment of Remembrance," a minute ...

Kids' Domain: Holiday Fun     View
Learn about holidays from many cultures and places. Each holiday page has crafts, games, coloring pages, information on the holiday and links to other resources.


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