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Investing in Gold: Frequently Asked Questions     View
This FAQ provides a starting point for learning about the ways to buy and sell gold, types of gold investments (such as bullion bars and coins and gold options), gold prices and statistics, and material about demand for gold and gold mining. From the ...

The Price of Gold, 1257-2007     View
Find the price of gold for a specific year or time period. Includes options for British and U.S. official prices, New York market price, gold/silver price ratio, and London market price. Includes related essays on the history and importance of gold p ...

Beware of Promises of Easy Profits From Buying Precious Metals and Other Commodities     View
This advisory warns that "consumers should be alert to companies that sell investments in precious metals and other commodities based on sales pitches claiming that customers can make a lot of money, with little risk, by purchasing metal through ...

Glossary [Precious Metals]     View
Find definitions for bullion, commemoratives, gold standard, karat, numismatic coins, tola bars, and other terms related to investments in precious metals. From a gold and silver dealer.

Silver Statistics and Information     View
Features production, consumption, and related data on this precious metal from statistical publications such as Mineral Commodity Summaries, Minerals Yearbook, and Mineral Industry Surveys. From the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) minerals information ...

American Society of Appraisers     View
Website for this professional organization of appraisers. The "Consumer Smart" section features appraisal basics and details about appraisals of valuables and personal property, businesses, real estate, gems and jewelry, and machinery. Also ...

Gold Standard     View
Background about the gold standard, "the most famous monetary system that ever existed. The periods in which the gold standard flourished, the groupings of countries under the gold standard, and the dates during which individual countries adhere ...

Gold Price     View
This site provides charts of the current gold price in 23 major currencies. It also provides "timely and accurate silver and gold price commentary, gold price history charts for the past 30 days, 60 days, 1, 5 and 10 years and gold futures quote ...

Gold Statistics and Information     View
Data on gold from statistical publications such as Mineral Commodity Summaries, Minerals Yearbook, and Mineral Industry Surveys. Features brochures on gold prospecting, gold prices in the U.S., and other mineral and metal publications with data on go ...

Old Jewelry Worth Its Weight in Gold?     View
This March 2008 article considers whether "it could be the right time to recycle your gold jewelry" because of rising gold prices. Topics include selling jewelry (to whom to sell, gold content, and appraisal for estate jewelry), gold coins, ...



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