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Library of Congress Guide to the Mexican War     View
Start here for some detailed information about the Mexican War: speeches from Presidents Lincoln and Polk, a copy of the treaty between Mexico and the United States, helpful maps and more. Check out the bibliography for more great Mexican War sources ...

U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)     View
This site presents the history of the war including its prelude, aftermath, and legacy. The timeline helps place the period in context from Hernan Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs to Mexican independence from Spain to Texas' independence. A discussion ...

Online Bookshelves: Mexican War     View
Collection of documents related to the Mexican War (1846-1848), with a focus on U.S. Army campaigns in the war. Covers the Battle of Monterrey, occupation of Mexico, campaigns of Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott, U.S. Army topographical engineers in ...

African-Americans in the Armed Forces     View
This IPL pathfinder is designed for individuals interested in the role African-Americans have played in major American conflicts and their relationship to the United States Armed Forces. It is organized in chronological order by eras. Both print and ...

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo     View
Complete text of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War. Includes the elusive Article X, which was stricken from the treaty by United States Senate Amendments. "From the Monterey County (California) Historical Society.

Zachary Taylor - ipl2's POTUS: Presidents of the United States     View
Zachary Taylor was a career soldier who had never held any elected office before being elected the 12th president of the United State. He was a Mexican War hero and prominent plantation and slave owner in the South. The main conflict during his term ...

James Knox Polk - ipl2's POTUS: Presidents of the United States     View
Polk, under the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, expanded the U.S. territory by more than a million square miles. His term saw the victory of the Mexican War, the resolution of the dispute between Britain and the U.S. regarding Oregon and the first annu ...

Lincoln at 200     View
Contains two Web exhibitions focusing on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln using primary sources. The first focuses on Lincoln's involvement with westward expansion. The second focuses on his leadership during the Civil War.


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