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Lines of Sight: Views of the U.S. / Mexican Border     View
An exhibit of 14 "contemporary views of the [U.S./Mexico] border through the eyes of [five] artists based north and south of the border." Includes photographs, paintings, video stills, installation views, and information on the artists repr ...

Mexican Governors [of California]     View
An annotated list of the governors of California when the state was under Mexican rule, from 1822-1846. Compiled by a hobbyist, but compares favorably against print sources. Includes several references.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo     View
Complete text of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War. Includes the elusive Article X, which was stricken from the treaty by United States Senate Amendments. "From the Monterey County (California) Historical Society.

The Bancroft Library: African Americans in California     View
This site contains a searchable catalog of the Bancroft Library's holdings of materials by and about African Americans, with an emphasis on materials relating to California and the West (including items from the NAACP West Coast Region, the Brotherho ...

Guide for the Mexican Migrant     View
English translation of a guide for Mexican nationals seeking employment outside of Mexico. The guide describes legal migration methods and answers "some basic questions about the legal consequences of your stay in the United States of America w ...

Famous Native Americans     View
Selection of historical photos of well-known Native Americans. Includes photos of Rain in the Face, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Ouray and Chipeta, Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Ignacio, and American Horse. Part of the photography collection at Denver Public L ...

Andanzas al Web Latino     View
Annotated directory of websites relating to the US-Mexico Border and Latinos in the United States. Maintained by librarian Molly Molloy, New Mexico State University.

Images of Native Americans     View
A collection "of visual materials relating to Native Americans," including photographs and illustrations from pamphlets, journals, pulp magazines, newspapers, and ephemera. Topics include color plate illustrations, European interpretations, ...

"Vigilantes" Set for Mexican Border Patrol     View
Article about the April 2005 project of a group of volunteers to observe the Arizona-Mexico border, where "hundreds of immigrants ... each night seek illegally to cross the wire fence separating the US from Mexico." Includes links to the of ...

Basque Americans in the Columbia River Basin     View
This site presents a historical overview of Basque Americans in the Columbia River Basin area of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state. Topics discussed include "Sojourners and Sheep Herders," "Boarding Houses and Basque Social Life, ...




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