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The Harley Hummer Club     View
"The Harley Hummer Club, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the American-made Harley-Davidson lightweight motorcycle." Site includes a short history of the Hummer, information on models and how to restore them, ...

On-road Vehicles and Engines: Motorcycles     View
"This Web page provides information on controlling emissions from highway motorcycles." Includes documents pertaining to regulations and certification and compliance guidance for highway motorcycles, and links to related material about tran ...

Risky Ride: More Motorcycle Deaths Fuel Debate Over Helmet Laws     View
Discussion and statistics about motorcycle helmet laws in the U.S. "Safety advocates say such laws save lives and money, but bikers who oppose the laws say they represent a threat to personal freedom." Features a Motorcycle Accident Databas ...

Virginia Wind     View
"The primary focus of Virginia Wind is to be the best resource of information regarding motorcycling in Virginia. In addition, we wish to promote motorcycle awareness, a positive image of the Virginia motorcyclist, and responsible political activism ...

Bikelinks: The A to Z of Motorcycling     View
A directory of sites about motorcycles. Topics include riding gear, sites from around the world, makes and models, parts, racing, technical aspects, clubs, publications, services, women and motorcycling, and more. Also features classified ads.     View
A directory of motorcycle resources on the Internet, including apparel, clubs, stunts, collectibles, periodicals, newsgroups, dealers, touring, racing, and sidecars. Searchable.

MO (Motorcycle Online)     View
Searchable digital motorcycle magazine. Areas include racing, reviews, manufacturers, trail bikes, technical nuts and bolts, and more.

Automotive     View
Selection of articles from issues of Popular Mechanics. Includes new cars and trucks, technology, classic cars, maintenance and repairs, motorcycles, motorsports, and owner reports.

Q&A: Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws     View
Questions and answers about motorcycle riders wearing helmets for protection. "Helmets are the principal countermeasure for reducing crash-related head injuries, the leading cause of death among unhelmeted riders." Topics include effectiven ...

Hog Heaven: Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley-Davidson     View
Traces the history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle through images and source materials from Library of Congress collections. This retrospective features photos and prints of the motorcycle at work, at play, and at war, as well as advertising images ...



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