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Filmlot - Sources for New and Independent Filmmakers     View
This resource for independent filmmakers provides links to support a film in every stage of development, a networking page to connect directors and crews and a list of upcoming film festivals. The site also features articles, interviews and recent e ...

Boxoffice Online     View
"Special reports, cover stories, sneak previews, reviews, movies in the works and more from the film industry."

Docuseek Film and Video FInder     View
"DocuSeek is a search site for independent documentary, social issue, and educational videos available in the U.S. and Canada." It also has links to related associations, journals, and reviews.

Horror Films     View
"Extensive look at the horror genre from the earliest silent pictures to present day cinema." Warning: may have pop-ups.

The Numbers     View
A source for all types of statistics about movies, including an archive of box office data, information on actors and actresses, film news, and film budget or production costs.

Cinemachine: the Movie Review Search Engine     View
This is a vast index of movie reviews from a broad variety of sources. All reviews are available full text, and each movie is also linked to the appropriate page in the Internet Movie Database.

British Horror Films     View
Reviews and information on British horror films from the 60s and 70s. Also has some of the more popular current movies. Includes a forum and some extras such as wallpapers and top ten lists as well.

Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting     View
"Over the past century, the various connections between American Jews and the nation's entertainment media have generated a discussion that has been extensive, passionate, and, at times, contentious." This online exhibit explores these disc ...

Buster Keaton on Comedy and Making Movies     View
"Actor and filmmaker Buster Keaton (1895-1966) was one of the greatest comic figures of the silent film era. ... In 1958, Columbia University's Oral History Research Office conducted several lengthy interviews with Keaton about his life and care ...

The Doyle Bluffs Movie Review     View
"You don't have to live in the city or go to a fancy school to know how to watch movies. Gomer and Ira have been watching movies for years. They call them as they see them. Kick off your shoes and stay for a while." An alternative source for movie re ...




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