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The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Darwin     View
Collection of links to material commemorating the July 1, 1858, meeting of the "Linnean Society of London at which the paper from Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace outlining, for the first time, the theory of evolution by natural selecti ...

Ed Bradley: Journalist and Jazzman     View
February 2004 article about the "passion for jazz" held by this "60 Minutes" television journalist who died in November 2006. Discusses Bradley's work early in his career as a radio DJ who played jazz music and his recent hosting ...

Biographies: Nostradamus     View
Brief biography of Michel de Nostredame, known as Nostradamus, who was born in France in 1503, was appointed Royal Physician to King Charles IX in 1564, and is remembered as a seer. From the Biography Channel.

Darwin Day Celebration     View
Website for Darwin Day Celebration, an education corporation whose "mission is to promote the public education about science and to encourage the celebration of science and humanity," especially the celebration of Darwin Day held on or arou ...

The Aldo Leopold Archives     View
"Aldo Leopold is considered by many to have been the most influential conservation thinker of the 20th Century. Leopold's legacy spans the disciplines of forestry, wildlife management, conservation biology, sustainable agriculture, restoration e ...

The Marx Brothers     View
Features a videography, discography, brief biographies of the brothers and close family members, and a comprehensive bibliography of writings by and about the Marx Brothers. This look at Harpo, Groucho, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo also includes a chronol ...

The Three Stooges: Stooge Bios     View
Biographies of the six men (Joe Besser, Curly Joe DeRita, Larry Fine, Jerome "Curly" Howard, Moe Howard, and Shemp Howard) who rose to vaudeville, television, and motion picture stardom as The Three Stooges. Each biography includes pictures from thei ...

Profiles in Science: The Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Papers     View
Biography of "Albert Imre Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986), a Hungarian-born biochemist, [who] was the first to isolate vitamin C, and ... [whose] research on biological oxidation provided the basis for Krebs' citric acid cycle. ... His later career wa ...

Machine Dreams     View 's 1998 profile of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer.

CG Jung Page     View
This site provides an introduction to Jungian psychology, abstracts for Carl Jung's collected works, and Jung discussion forums. Also has links to other Jung sites and to international Jung societies. Lacks biographical information. Searchable.




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