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The B. Traven Collections at UC Riverside Libraries     View
This website accompanies a 2006 exhibition about the author B. Traven, who "lived in Mexico, wrote in German and kept his identity a closely-guarded secret." View images of publications by and about Traven, and read about Traven's identity ...

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)     View
Essay about "one of the most influential thinkers during the Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe." Includes biographical material, overviews of works such as his major work on political philosophy, "The Social Contract," an ...

The Works of Norman Mailer     View
Companion to a fall 2007 exhibition of materials associated with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Norman Mailer, who died in November 2007. It "highlights some of the major works of Norman Mailer housed in the Department of Rare Books and Special C ...

Petals on a Wet Black Bough: American Modernist Writers and the Orient     View
Companion to an exhibit of books, manuscripts, and illustrations with "two major thematic divisions: American Nineteenth-Century representations of China and Japan, and Twentieth-Century writers' interpretations of those influences." The 20 ...

Special Exhibition: Goya's Last Works     View
This 2006 exhibit on Francisco de Goya y Lucientes "concentrates exclusively on the final phase of this [Spanish] artist's career." Provides biographical details about Goya, who "has been referred to as the last of the Old Masters and ...

Susan Sontag     View
Official site for Susan Sontag, an outspoken and often controversial author and critic who died in December 2004. Find a biography, bibliography, and other resources for this author of books such as "On Photography" and "In America. ...

Times Topics: David Halberstam     View
Collection of articles by and about David Halberstam, the "Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former reporter for The New York Times [who] wrote on topics as varied as the Vietnam War and professional basketball," and who died in April 2007. ...

Aizen     View
Aizen is an international organization dedicated to French novelist Emile Zola, other naturalist writers, and naturalism. Provides past issues of the group's annual bulletin, details about conferences, and a bibliography of academic papers related to ...

Legends Online: Avedon: The Sixties     View
Excerpts from a 1999 book by photographer Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus, his long-time creative collaborator. Features selected images of '60s personalities such as Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, and Twiggy. Also includes an interview with Aved ...

Julia Morgan: An Online Exhibition     View
This exhibition highlights the work of architect Julia Morgan, who in 1904 "became the first woman licensed to practice architecture in California. ... Her trailblazing career helped open the field of architecture to women in the United States. ...




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