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100% Pure New Zealand     View
This searchable site provides basic tourism information about New Zealand: getting to and around the islands, accommodations, tour packages, scenic spots, activities and attractions, and an events calendar. Also features an image library searchable b ...

The World Factbook: Fiji     View
Key facts, maps, statistics, demographics, and a nutshell history of Fiji. From "The World Factbook," published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The World Factbook: Kiribati     View
Key facts, maps, statistics, demographics, and a nutshell history of Kiribati. From "The World Factbook," published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

South Pacific Travel     View
Links to all South Pacific tourist offices and airlines and resources about islands in the South Pacific. Includes travel ideas and information about David Stanley's travel guides.

Skin Stories: The Art and Culture of the Polynesian Tattoo     View
Companion website to a documentary about tattoo culture in Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, and beyond. Features essays on the history and role of tattoos, tattoo artist profiles, photo galleries, personal experiences about tattoos, a glossary, and relate ...

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park     View
Extensive material about the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world, "stretching more than 2,300km along the northeast coast of Australia from the northern tip of Queensland to just north of Bundaberg." Covers touris ...

Australian Government: Parks and Reserves     View
Official website of Australia's national park system, which includes "6 Commonwealth National Parks, 13 Commonwealth Marine Protected Areas and 2 Botanic Gardens." Includes management plans, definitions of protected areas, and links to in ...

National Treasures From Australia's Great Libraries     View
Online companion to this collection that draws together over 170 items from Australia's National, State and Territory libraries. Images from the collection are accompanied by essays on Australian history, migration, natural history, industry, war, c ...

Hawaii/South Pacific for Visitors     View
This extensive site has many useful links to current and historic information on Hawaii and islands in the South Pacific such as Samoa, Bora Bora, Fiji, and Tahiti. Covers history, the sovereignty movement, traditional crafts and activities, mytholog ...

Te Puna Web Directory     View
This is a searchable directory of New Zealand and Pacific Island Web sites. Maori listings are extensive. It is fascinating to browse the sites of well-known (Hawaii, the Galapagos) and not so well-known (Niue, Wallis, and Futuna) Pacific Islands. Ma ...



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