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Republican National Committee     View
"The Republican National Committee (RNC) is the governing organization of the Republican Party. It is the official national party-building and campaign support organization. The RNC works actively with state and local Republican organizations to elec ...

Third Parties in American Politics: Rich History, Many Roles     View
This 2004 interview with Professor J. David Gillespie covers the role of third parties in American politics. Topics include constraints on third-party participation, media coverage of third parties, and specific third parties such as the Anti-Masonic ...

Political Research Associates (PRA):     View
This left-wing group monitors the organizations, individuals, and activities of the political right. Provides archival information on the right wing, including links among groups, financing behind activities, and analyses of movements.

ElectionGuide     View
Provides information on national elections around the world, political parties and candidates, referenda provisions, current news on election laws and political developments, and election results and voter turnout. Search by election type (presidenti ...

Democratic National Committee     View
Site of the "national party organization for the Democratic Party of the United States." Contains news, a FAQ, reports, press releases, an events calendar, historical background (including landmark dates and a history of the Democratic donk ...

Daily Kos :: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.     View
Extremely influential liberal weblog managed by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, as a part of his political consulting firm. Around 100,000 people visit his site per day.

Protest.Net     View
A worldwide annotated list of upcoming protests, international days of peace, and other events where "activists are meeting, organizing, and protesting to demand a better world for all." Browsable by city, and issue (including animal rights ...

Citizens Party Vote     View
The Citizens Party of the United States (Citizens Party) is a contemporary political party in the United States. Founded by Michael Thompson in Wayne, Pennsylvania in 2004 as the New American Independent Party (NAIP), the first meeting took place in ...

The California Democratic Party     View
The official site for the Democratic Party in California. Features a history of the party, the party by-laws and rules, press releases, political cartoons, a list of elected officials, and links to related government, news, and special interest sites ...

The Green Party of the U.S. Official Site     View
Perhaps the best-known independent party in the U.S., the Green Party emphasizes social and ecological issues. The site contains party ads, publications, and opportunities to donate and become involved.




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