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American Patriot Party     View
The American Patriot Party, which America's Party merged into, emphasizes the U.S. Constitution and State's rights.

Libertarian Party     View
The Libertarian Party's mission includes individual liberty and personal responsibility, a free-market economy, and a foreign policy of non-intervention and free trade.

American Reform Party     View
The ARP split from the Reform Party in 1997; their platform includes elimination of the national debt and a simplified tax code.

The Political Dr. Seuss     View
Companion site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Independent Lens program on the political philosophy of children's author and illustrator Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel). Features audio clips of comments from Dr. Seuss on his career, a history of po ...

South Dakota Republican Party     View
Official site of the South Dakota Republican Party. Includes statewide events calendar; state and national political updates; and an "action center" where users can write to state and national legislators, sign petitions, or register to vote.

Reform Party of the United States of America     View
Provides the latest campaign information, issues information, press releases, and news articles about the Reform Party, a third party founded in 1992 by Ross Perot.

Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)     View
EPLS "identifies those parties excluded throughout the U.S. Government (unless otherwise noted) from receiving Federal contracts or certain subcontracts and from certain types of Federal financial and nonfinancial assistance and benefits. ...

Macrocosm USA     View
"A non-profit educational clearinghouse for environmental, justice, peace, health issues and solutions for progressives." Searchable and indexed directory with more than 7,000 listings. Has links, where available, to Web sites of organizati ...

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life     View
Online magazine whose vision is to create "a political and cultural journal that would foster an effective left." Each issue explores a specific topic (for example, cyberspace, immigration, religion, education, art, sports, war, the media) ...

The American Party     View
The American Party has a permanent platform that includes anti-globalism, religious faith and the right to bear arms.




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