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Oregon Shakespeare Festival     View
Includes a calendar of plays presented during the current season, membership and volunteer information, theater history, a list of productions since 1935, reviews, outreach information for schools and "playgoers of all ages," resources for ...

Official London Theatre Guide     View
Comprehensive guide to what's on where in the West End. Search by title of show, type of show, date, name of theater or browse the list of all productions. Provided by the Society of London Theatre.

Noh Plays     View
This site provides the text of thirteen traditional Noh (No) plays from the medieval period, in Japanese and English. Background information on the Noh style of Japanese theater (in Technical Terms ) and a glossary are also included. The plays are se ...

The History of British Pantomime     View
"The origins of British Pantomime or 'Panto' as it is known in the UK, probably date back to the middle ages, and blend the traditions of the Italian Commedia dell' Arte, and the British Music hall to produce the art form that is Pantomime. ...

Write a Brilliant Pantomime With Billy & Wolfy     View
A lighthearted description (with "comments" from William Shakespeare and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) of "how to write [English] pantomime scripts covering, basic rules, choosing the story, shaping the pantomime, shaping individual scenes, ...

Karaoke Scene     View
Web site about this form of entertainment, which originated in Japan and features individuals singing popular songs accompanied by a machine that provides the music and written song lyrics. The site includes a brief history of karaoke, information ab ...

Art, Lies and Videotape: Exposing Performance     View
Companion to an exhibit devoted to the history and significance of performance art. "'Dance,' 'theatre,' 'happenings,' 'actions' and 'performance' are just a few of the many names that can be applied to an entire spectrum of work by artists who ...

Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism     View
This companion to a 2000 book on ventriloquism "makes available the Dumbstruck Archive of texts and images relating to the history of ventriloquism." Includes the first chapter of the book, selected articles and text of presentations, and l ...

Performing Arts Encyclopedia     View
A guide to the performing arts collections and exhibits from the Library of Congress. Collection subjects include dance (ballet and modern dance), music (such as instruments, chamber music, and jazz), opera, theater, radio and television, vaudeville, ...

Vent Haven Museum     View
The website for this ventriloquism museum features photos and audio and video clips highlighting some of the figures, images, and other memorabilia in the museum's collections. Also includes a "Figure of the Month" with images and trivia, a ...




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