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Pets and Children     View
This short publication addresses topics related to pets and children, including choosing an appropriate pet, caring for a pet (age appropriateness and parental involvement), and physical and emotional advantages of pet ownership. From the American Ac ...§ion=Facts+for+Families

Selecting the Right Pet for Your Family and Making the Introduction     View
Questions and answers about selecting appropriate pets for families with children. Topics include how old the child should be before introducing a pet, whether to get a younger or older animal, how children should interact with pets, how to teach chi ...

Finding a Lost Pet: Where to Start     View
Advice on how to search for a strayed or lost cat, dog, horse, bird, or other animal. Part of the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal Care Office sponsored volunteer group, Missing Pet Network (MPN) . There is a link to their state-by-st ...

Microchip Technology: Comparisons With the New Chip on the Block     View
This 2003 study looked at the ability of scanners to detect ISO (International Standards Organization) microchip implants used for pet identification. These chips help "in the effort to reunite lost animals with their owners." Provides an o ...

Common Questions About Microchips     View
Discussion of the use of microchips for pet identification, with an emphasis on problems with scanner detection of microchips produced beginning in late 2003. From the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Choosing the Right Pet Bird     View
Brief overview of items to consider when selecting a pet bird. Topics include domesticated strains of wild species (such as canaries, finches, cockatiels, parakeets, and lovebirds) and species without a long history of domestic breeding (such as conu ...

The Top Ten Bird Killers     View
A list of the 10 most common household dangers that can cause the accidental death of pet birds. Dangers include deprivation of water, unclipped wings, toxic fumes, heat exposure, and sleeping with birds. From a veterinarian who specializes in pet bi ...

Westminster Kennel Club     View
Official website for this dog show, started in 1877, held every February in New York. Find history of the dog show, details about the current year's show, results, records, judging videos, an introduction to dog shows, breed profiles, and related mat ...

Hedgehog Welfare Society     View
This Seattle-based organization "exists to protect the well-being of pet hedgehogs through rescue, research, and education of the people who care for them." The site provides a hedgehog FAQ, a list of individuals who have volunteered to res ...

USENET Hedgehog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)     View
Extensive information about hedgehogs as pets. Including legal issues--the animals are not currently (January, 2002) permitted as pets in Alabama, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Utah.



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