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Cities Around the World     View
This site "presents over 6,100 photographic images [of over 450 cities worldwide] from the slide collections of the American Geographical Society Library." Harrison Forman and Harold Mayer took the photographs between 1942 and 1994. Subjec ...

National Historic Lookout Register     View
The purpose of this organization "is to recognize both active and inactive fire towers and ground lookouts [in the United States]. Registration often leads to volunteer activities in both maintenance and educational programs at these sites. ...

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences     View
Includes a database of Emmy Award winners since 1949, video interviews, news, photos, and more.

When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood     View
Dozens of photographs, from the nineteenth century to today, that "capture the experience of childhood as it is connected across time, different cultures, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds." Browse the main exhibit page, or search the c ...

Lori Nix: Some Other Place     View
Collection of works of "tableau photography," in which the photographer "constructs these miniature worlds from model kits, and silk flowers embracing the practice of scene building while setting the stage for the viewer's imagination ...

Image Gallery for Geology     View
A collection of images of geologic phenomena designed to "to supplement introductory geology classes." Photographs of volcanic and sedimentary rocks, folds and faults, weathering, and coastlines are included. Each entry has a brief explanat ...

WeatherPost     View
U.S. and international coverage, including forecasts for 220 countries and 3,600 cities (2,300 in the U.S.). In addition to predictions, the site has satellite photos, air quality maps, weather glossaries, and an archive of historical weather data fo ...

Prior and Norris Troupe Photographs     View
This digital exhibit documents vaudeville in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It features photographs and ephemera collected by the vaudeville team know as the Prior and Norris Troupe. The database is searchable by keyword and categories such as theat ...     View
A resource on Chevrolet Camaros, providing information about codes for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), options, trim tags, engines, paint, parts, and protect-o-plates. Find out how to verify whether a Camaro is rare and what parts are origin ...

Green Flashes     View
Facts, photographs, a glossary, and more about green flashes, "real (not illusory) phenomena seen at sunrise and sunset, when some part of the Sun suddenly changes color (at sunset, from red or orange to green or blue)." Maintained by an as ...



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