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Pinhole Visions     View
"Pinhole Visions provides organized access to all types of information on pinhole photography, and most especially to the work of pinhole photographers. This site is continually updated as more pinhole enthusiasts add to the pinhole knowledge pool." ...

W J's Homepage     View
This site is an excellent technical resource on Infrared Photography. This is a personal home page which describes how to develop your own IR film in both color or black and white formats, saving a person that would like to experiment pictorially ti ...

The Art of the American Snapshot 1888-1978     View
Companion to a 2007 exhibit that "traces the evolution of snapshots in America from 1888, when George Eastman introduced the first Kodak camera, to 1978." Flip through an online book to view snapshots, "photographs usually made by amat ...

The Dawn of Colour: Celebrating the Centenary of the Autochrome     View
Companion to an exhibit from 2007 that "celebrates [the] centenary of the Autochrome and the birth of colour photography. It reveals the Edwardian world as you have probably never seen it before -- in full, vibrant colour." Includes a short ...

Albumen: History, Science and Preservation     View
"Presenting the art and science of albumen printing, this site brings together 19th Century technical instruction, contemporary research, an online forum for conservation treatment and a wealth of images. This unique resource is dedicated to those wh ...

Digital Photography Review     View
An informative site on all aspects of digital photography. Includes reviews and side-by-side comparisons of digital cameras, a glossary of traditional and digital photography terms, a timeline of new product announcements, and galleries of sample pho ...

Flickr     View
An "online photo management and sharing application" that allows users to "store, search, sort and share" photos. All users may search for photos with user-assigned tags. Registered users may upload photos by e-mail or from a digi ...

Continuous Replay: The Photographs of Arnie Zane     View
"Arnie Zane (1948-1988) is best known for his seventeen-year personal and artistic partnership with choreographer Bill T. Jones. ... Continuous Replay is the first comprehensive presentation of Zane's photography." Features images of Zane's ...

MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery     View
This browsable site explores the world of "microspace" with whimsically annotated and colorized images. See close-up views of both familiar everyday insects and those rarely seen, diverse body cells, parasites, oceanic creatures, and much m ...

NYI Photo eZine     View
Articles on photographic technique and artistry from the New York Institute of Photography (NYI).




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