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World News: Iran     View
Collection of news stories and editorials about topics related to Iran, such as the country's nuclear program, Iran and Israel, and U.S.-Iran relations. Also includes interactive guides about telling civil and military nuclear programs apart, and Ira ...

Irish Republican Army (IRA)     View
Questions and answers about this organization dedicated to "end[ing] British rule in Northern Ireland and unify[ing] the province with the neighboring Republic of Ireland." Discusses the Northern Ireland conflict, the composition of the IRA ...

Survey of Mexican Migrants, Part Two: Attitudes About Voting in Mexican Elections and Ties to Mexico     View
This survey, released in March 2005, reports that of the "nearly 5,000 Mexican migrants who were interviewed while applying for identity cards at Mexican consulates in the United States ... an overwhelming majority would vote in Mexican election ...

Ex-pats Hear Rules for Voting Absentee in Mexico     View
September 2005 article about the absentee voting system for Mexicans living abroad and voting in the 2006 Mexican presidential contest. It will be "the first time in Mexican history that absentee ballots will be accepted." The "4.5 mil ...

Imperial Washington     View
Companion website to this 2008 public radio program that looks at "how the perks lawmakers enjoy make it tough to clean up government, and what happens when newcomers try to play the lobbying game." Includes the full program and transcript, ...

New French Presidency     View
Collection of news and analysis about the 2007 election of Nicolas Sarkozy as the president of France. Includes a February 2007 interview with Sarkozy, consideration of the economic impact of the new president, and a discussion of potential reform of ...

Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Move California's Presidential Primary to February     View
Official announcement from March 2007 about the passage of California SB 113, which "will move California's presidential primary to February, from its current June date." Includes a speech transcript, fact sheet, photos, and video clip of t ...

The U.S. "Tiananmen Papers"     View
Collection of documents from the U.S. government relating to U.S. perceptions of the 1989 political crisis in China. Includes U.S. Embassy in Beijing cables and CIA reports. Part of the National Security Archive at George Washington University Librar ...

Silent Partners: How Political Non-Profits Work the System     View
This site provides news and information about contributions by 527 organizations related to state and federal elections from 2000 to the present. These organizations can raise "unlimited contributions and can spend millions on advertising so lon ...

Afghanistan Analyst     View
Collections of links to resources about Afghanistan conflict and development. Includes links to news, blogs, research centers, reports, humanitarian organizations, maps, photos, journalism, and more. Also includes an extensive bibliography "bia ...




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