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Inventions of Note: Sheet Music Collection     View
"This sheet music collection consists of popular songs and piano compositions that portray technologies (old and new alike) as revealed through song texts and/or cover art." Technologies include automobile, airplane, radio, and telephon ...

Jamnation     View
This 2004 article features musician opinions about the jam band scene, based on the idea that "the term 'jam band' is an ill-defined label applied to a wide range of improvisational music, everything from the New Orleans funk jazz of Galactic, ...

The Spin on Ireland: Irish Music Cover Art Since 1950     View
The albums featured in this exhibit "were used during weekly broadcasts of Dorothy Hayden's local radio program 'Irish Memories.'" The images "reveal the ways in which such commercial art constructed an image of a nation and its people ...

Second Hand Songs: A Cover Songs Database     View
"Find out who performed the original version of a particular song, or who covered that song." Features a database searchable by song, artist, or album, lists of newly added and recent songs, and related material about cover songs. The ...

Relix: Music for the Mind     View
Companion website to this print magazine (originally called Dead Relix) that "has slowly moved its emphasis away from the Grateful Dead to coverage of 'jambands' that have filled the void, as well as other, non-mainstream, types of music. ...

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project     View
Digital collection of over 6,000 cylinder recordings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. "Cylinder recordings, the first commercially produced sound recordings, are a snapshot of musical and popular culture in the decades around the tur ...

The Wonders of Brazilian Music     View
This site features profiles of nearly seventy artists, lots of reviews of albums, and information on various Brazilian musical styles, including a glossary of musical terms. The author's interest in the subject is "primarily musical, not literar ...

Bob Dylan Who's Who     View
The browsable Bob Dylan Who's Who "lists information about people relevant to Bob Dylan's work, including characters mentioned in his songs." Contains over 400 entries.

Charles H. Templeton Sheet Music Collection     View
A searchable collection of sheet music from late 19th century to early 20th century America, divided into the categories of blues, rags, movie and show tunes, foxtrots, popular songs, war songs, minstrel songs, songs of Irving Berlin, and specialty s ...

Buena Vista Social Club     View
Online companion to the album and film entitled The Buena Vista Social Club , a "re-living of the classic era of Cuban popular music." Features information on director Wim Wenders and musician Ry Cooder, a timeline of Cuban music history, a ...



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