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Obama's First 100 Days     View
British perspective on "developments in the first 100 days of Barack Obama's presidency." Topics include the inauguration, the economy and economic stimulus plans, foreign relations, legislation, and more. Includes articles and video clips. ...

The 44th President: First 100 Days     View
News and analysis about the first 100 days of the Barack Obama administration. Covers priorities and progress (on the economy, energy, heath care, military conflicts, diplomacy, and domestic security), global challenges, and state of the nation. Incl ...

Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission     View
"Based at the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, the purpose of the Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission is to organize, arrange, and coordinate bicentennial tributes to Abraham Lincoln in Pennsylvania." Its site fea ...

One Life: The Mask of Lincoln     View
Companion to a 2008/09 exhibition that "concentrates on presidential portraits to show the changing face that Abraham Lincoln presented to the world as he led the fight for the Union." Includes photos, paintings, and prints of Lincoln befor ...

President Barack Obama in His Own Words     View
This online book "includes the complete text of the 44th President's Inaugural Address. Also featured are extended excerpts from eight other significant campaign and pre-presidential speeches." Daily highlights (on Twitter) are available fo ...

21st Century Abe     View
Abraham Lincoln "was born two hundred years ago. ... But why are we in the 21st century still obsessed with this 19th-century man? ... What does this popular Abe have to do with the historical Abe?" This site will take six months ( ...

Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia     View
"Trustworthy information on Thomas Jefferson and his world by Monticello researchers and respected Jefferson scholars." Search, or browse by topics such as agriculture and gardening, legends, Sally Hemings, science and exploration, and slav ...

For Sure, Obama's South Side Irish     View
This May 2007 article describes how "Barack Obama's ancestry has been traced back to a shoemaker in a small Irish village. ... A Church of Ireland rector scoured files from the church ... dating to the late 1700s. He confirmed that Obama descend ...,CST-NWS-ireland03.article

First 100 Days     View
This site follows "President Obama's initiatives and policy directions. We'll look at new presidential orders, policies on the economy, alternative energy and foreign affairs, and his use of new media. We'll review the new president's progress a ...

With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition     View
Website companion to a 2009 exhibition that "commemorates the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the nation's revered sixteenth president," Abraham Lincoln. Features essays and digitized items on the themes of his rise to national pr ...




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