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Cruel and Unusual: Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison     View
This 2007 study "has documented 73 cases where children 13 and 14 years of age have been condemned to death in prison. ... This report is intended to illuminate this cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on children, particularly for those who ...

The Board of Parole Hearings (BPH)     View
BPH combines the Board of Prison Terms, the Youth Authority Board, and the Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority "to establish the terms and conditions of parole for all persons sentenced in California." The site covers divisions and program ...

Key Events: The Hunger Strike of 1981     View
Resources related to the Northern Ireland hunger strike of 1981. Includes a reading list, a summary of key events, a chronology of events, and names of the people who died during the hunger strike. From CAIN, a University of Ulster website that ...

The Lock-Up Society     View
"As the new millennium began, the number of Americans behind bars passed two million — five times the inmate population in 1972. In these reports, American Radio explores some of the causes and ramifications of this unprecedented experiment ...

Guantánamo Docket     View
"This interactive database includes information about the detainees [at the United States military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba], thousands of pages of government documents and links to court records and news media reports." Searchable; o ...

Eastern State Penitentiary     View
Website for this U.S. National Historic Landmark in Philadelphia that was a former state prison (1829-1970). Features a virtual tour, photos, timeline, list of famous inmates (such as Al Capone), and a condensed and a voluminous history. Also include ...

Guantánamo Bay     View
News and commentary from a UK perspective about the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Provides news stories, photos, interactive features, and a Q&A about the base, which "has been used as a detention centre for suspected terrorist ...

United States Department of Defense: Guantanamo Bay     View
Series of stories from the U.S. Department of Defense about the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Stories relate to the mission of the Guantanamo base and proceedings (such as court rulings, transfers, and releases) concerning detainees at ...

Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL): An Alternative Sentencing Program     View
Website for this Massachusetts alternative criminal sentencing program in which "CLTL participants, judges, probation officers, and instructors believe that bringing carefully selected works of literature to criminal offenders may help these men ...

Inside Guantánamo     View
This photo essay published in early 2008 provides a look at people and places at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay's facility for detainees suspected of terrorism-related activities. Includes an accompanying slide show with audio commentary by ...




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