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Law, Technology and Arts Group, University of Washington School of Law     View
The website for the school, which focuses on education and research on tech law, art law and intellectual property, offers links to the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts and the Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Proper ...

Teen Safety on the Information Highway     View
This is a place for you to learn more about safety and privacy on the Internet. Find out how innocent activities on the web could be used to exploit you or your privacy. This is written just for teens and applies to teen interests.

Legal Information Institute: The Right of Privacy     View
A site managed by Cornell University Law School, Law about ... the Right of Privacy provides much information about personal information privacy rights. This site explains privacy rights and uses privacy law and case rulings as examples. Many of the ...

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse     View
PRC is a nonprofit consumer information, research, and advocacy program, based in San Diego, California. PRC provides a variety of services and products to consumers, including a hotline for reporting privacy abuses, consumer advocacy, and education ...

Debating the Patriot Act     View
Compilation of audio of radio programs and related written material about the December 2005 rejection by the Senate "to reauthorize key surveillance provisions of the USA Patriot Act. ... The 16 provisions in question, including those authorizi ...

Radio Frequency Identification and the San Francisco Public Library     View
Detailed report from October, 2005 about the "privacy, health, security, and cost issues associated with using RFID [radio frequency identification] systems in the library setting." Includes recommendations to the library and links to relat ...

American Health Information Management Association     View
"The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is the dynamic professional association that represents more than 40,000 specially educated health information management professionals who work throughout the healthcare industry. Healt ...

Equality and Human Rights Commission     View
"The independent advocate for equality and human rights in Britain, the Equality and Human Rights Commission aims to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination, strengthen good relations between people, and promote and protect human rights" by consu ...

Administration Employing State Secrets Privilege at Quick Clip     View
Audio file of a news story about how "the Bush administration is increasingly using the state secrets privilege. It is a series of precedents that allow the government to dismiss court cases on the grounds that evidence introduced in the trial c ...

Privacy Lost     View
Collection of stories from October 2006 examining "the steady erosion of Americans' privacy, whether people are concerned and what impact other new technologies might have on your right to be left alone." Topics include technology (such as ...



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