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Poison     View
"This Web site has been established to provide public information about the events associated with National Poison Prevention Week [third week in March], the steps that you can take to help prevent accidental poisonings and tips for promoting co ...

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing With Soap     View
Website for "a global initiative to promote handwashing with soap to reduce diarrhoea, a major cause of child mortality in many countries today." View TV spots and public service announcement from the campaign, download a handwashing handbo ...

UK Clinical Ethics Network     View
Information for developing and existing clinical ethics committees to help identify and address ethical concerns in the health industry.

World Toilet Organization (WTO)     View
WTO "is a global non-profit organization committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide." Its site features a description of its projects, events (such as World Toilet Day in November and the annual World Toilet Summit), ...

Virus Ultrastructure     View
A collection of electron microscopy images of animal viruses and information on some of the more common ones. There is also information about their physical structure, as well as how images are created by negative staining. Virology Lecture Notes pro ...

Virus World     View
This site features images of human, animal, and plant viruses, created from X-ray and cryo-electron microscopy (CryoEM) data. Includes movies, magazine and book covers, posters, and postcards. Images can be browsed by individual virus name, but not b ...

Virology News and Links     View
Short, annotated directory to virus information Web sites. Also includes organizations concerned with viruses. From the University of Wisconsin, Institute for Molecular Virology.

International Year of Sanitation 2008     View
Details about the United Nations (UN) General Assembly declaration making 2008 the International Year of Sanitation. "The goal is to raise awareness and to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target to reduce by hal ...

World Health Organization: Sanitation     View
Collection of documents on sanitation topics, such as water quality, wastewater use, ship sanitation and health, wastes from health care activities, household water security, food safety and foodborne illness, and sanitation issues in specific region ...

Swim Healthy, Swim Safely     View
Collection of fact sheets and related material about safety when swimming, wading, and boating. Topics include recreational water illness (RWI), skin cancer (and sunscreen), swimmer's ear, swimmer's itch, and water-related injuries. Some material ava ...




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