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Grammar and Punctuation: How to Avoid Common Mistakes     View
Are you confused about apostrophes? Do semi-colons and commas sometimes baffle you? The University of Wisconsin Writing Center can help you with these rules as well as provide overall advice on how to turn in a paper which reflects your very best w ...

The Economist Style Guide     View
This is a very helpful resource, since it covers such areas of grammar and writing including: Metaphors, short words, unnecessary words, jargon and syntax. Each section covered provides a detailed article with some examples, with a focus upon Britis ...

EzineUniversity     View
"EzineUniversity exists to help you become a successful E-Zine Publisher. Several leading online experts share their expertise with you in this educational forum." Available free online courses include: E-Zines and E-mail Marketing, Preparation and R ...

Armchair Grammarian     View
If you are looking for an Online Writing Lab then this website is a great place to start. Find articles that explain, with examples, English grammar and punctuation rules.!F9!71!91A4C51D649F/solis-boo/Grammar1/

Guide to Grammar and Writing     View
There's a lot more than grammar help at this site. Learn how to write effective paragraphs and essays in addition to finding out about all things grammatical. You can even submit a question about English grammar or usage. Lots of resources available, ...

Writing Guides at CSU     View
Are you looking for a well organized and easy to navigate website that will help you with the writing process? The Writing Center at Colorado State University provides over 70 writing guides as online textbooks in six areas: writing processes and rhe ...

English Grammar FAQ     View
This site is a compilation of the Questions and answers that a Linguistics professor posted to alt.usage.english over the past few years. John Lawler is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This is a grea ...

How to Write a Term Paper     View
This is a very good resource for those needing some help writing a term paper. This site goes through the various stages involved in writing an effective term paper, such as: choosing a topic, evaluating thesis and sources, and how to begin and organ ...

Tameri Guide for Writers     View
This site provides a wealth of information on writing, editing, formatting, designing and marketing. The focus is on providing writing resources for the dramatic, literary and academic writer. A unique feature of this site is the Writers' Lexicon, pr ...

The Tongue Untied: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style     View
Resource provides "instruction in basic grammar, sentence structure and word choice, as well as rules for punctuation" for the English Language. Provides information on a variety of common grammar problems.



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