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Style & Splendour: Queen Maud of Norway's Wardrobe, 1896-1938     View
"This display shows the spectacular wardrobe of Queen Maud, the British Princess who became Queen Consort of the newly independent Norway in 1905. Daughter of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, Maud was renowned for her fashionable style." Fea ...

Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth     View
This site is a companion to an exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago that provides answers to many questions about Egypt's last pharaoh, from where she was buried to whether she really died from a snakebite.

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I, 1533-1603     View
This detailed and thorough site contains information about her early life, major events of her reign, even her wardrobe. Topics include life in Elizabethan England, the status of women, the church, and the structure of the government. Glimpses of Eli ...

Medieval European History (500 - 1500)     View
This IPL pathfinder is intended for anyone interested in learning more about Medieval History. Resources are geared towards high school and undergraduate college students beginning a research paper on this topic. Books, periodicals, videos, and Inte ...

Dragon Robe for an Empress of China     View
This section of an educational site focuses on Chinese dragon robes, which were court robes worn by royalty in China during the Ch'ing dynasty. Provides background information about dragons, the Ch'ing dynasty, and dragon robes. Includes images of de ...     View hosts websites whose content and links are created and/or selected by hundreds of "Guides," experts who provide articles, advice, and resources on a particular subject. Search by broad channels or more specific topics.



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