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Skafferiet: Receptsök     View
"A searchable database with several thousand recipes ranging from everyday fare to formal dinners. All recipes in Swedish."

Jewish Cooking in America with Joan Nathan     View
Based upon Joan Nathan's books and televion show, this site aims to explain the origins and reasons behind Jewish foods and holiday customs associated with them. It also includes recipes, ways to order books and videos and helpful cooking hints. Jo ...

Dim Sum     View
A brief introduction to this Chinese form of small plate meals, usually served in restaurants. "Most dim sum foods are savory pastries — steamed or fried dumplings, filled buns, noodles. There are also sweet pastries, vegetables, [and] meats ...

Recipes From Provençe     View
Collection of recipes for dishes from the Provençe region of southern France. Includes recipes for ratatouille, basil and cheese flan, grilled red mullet, and Provençales bean soup with basil (soupe au pistou). Additional recipes are availa ...

A Brief History of French Food     View
This 2002 article provides background about the development of French cuisine, such as "the origins of the restaurant, haute cuisine and Champagne, and the sorry case of the tardy lobster." Covers French cookery as influenced by Moorish cui ...

Cuisine of Ancient Armenia: Dining at Noah's Table     View
Includes recipes for traditional Armenian foods that "were part of the every day fare enjoyed while [the author] was growing up outside of Fresno, California," a glossary of food terms, some information about the historical context of Armen ...

Candy USA     View
Candy trivia; candy and chocolate recipes; history of candy, chocolate, the candy cane and jelly beans; facts about chocolate and candy; nutritional information.

Kids Cooking     View
A wealth of recipes for teaching basic cooking skills. Make appetizers, bread, candy, cookies, soups, pasta and more!

Vanilla Beans: Past and Present     View
A brief history on the origin and evolution of vanilla flavoring and fragrance. Also includes a description of vanilla products and of vanilla species: Bourbon (applies to beans grown on the Bourbon Islands of Madagascar, Comoro, Santa Maria, and Reu ...

VegSource     View
Includes over 5,000 vegetarian recipes as well as general information on eating a good vegetarian diet. Also provides reading recommendations, book reviews, and many discussion boards about vegetarianism and related topics.




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