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African Traditional Religion     View
Includes a bibliography on African Traditional Religion, major elements in African Traditional Religion, country by country statistics, a map of Africa showing the spread of African Traditional Religions, other articles, and links to other sites.

Philosophy of Religion     View
Discussions on all topics in the philosophy of religion divided into four sections: Arguments for the Existence of God, Arguments for Atheism, Christian Ethics, and a Directory

Traditional Zoroastrianism: Tenets of the Religion     View
This site includes an explanation of the tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion and informative articles about the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion. Links to other Zoroastrian sites are also included.

Religion and Politics '08     View
Public opinion, analysis, and other documents concerning religion in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. Some of the issues discussed include candidate preferences of various religious groups, evolution, abortion, and social-issue voters. Provides ...

The Pluralism Project     View
Site of a research project "to engage students in studying the new religious diversity in the United States," particularly "the communities and religious traditions of Asia and the Middle East." Contains a FAQ, articles, in-depth ...

The Journal of Religion and Film     View
This online journal "examines the description, critique, and embodiment of religion in film." Features scholarly articles and reviews about a wide range of popular movies from the United States and other countries. Browsable by journal issu ...

Gallup: Religion     View
Collection of results of Gallup polls with religious themes, such as religious identification, church attendance, religious freedom and tolerance, and social issues such as abortion and stem cell research, and religion in the context of news and curr ...

Religion and Prayer in U.S. Public School, Libraries, Etc.     View
An overview of the constitutional requirements relating to prayer in U.S. public schools. Also discusses prayer at municipal government meetings, teaching about religion and the Bible, prayer at special school events, student free speech guarantees, ...

Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion     View
This online journal from Rutgers University Law School addresses church/state issues on a global scale. Features topics such as excommunication, women priests, same-sex marriage, death penalty, shunning, female circumcision, and atheism. Also contai ...

Canadian Society for the Study of Religion     View
CSSR "provides a forum for all who are involved in the academic study of religion, e.g. anthropologists, historians, phenomenologists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists. It fosters an interdisciplinary discourse in order to arrive at a better ...




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