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Road Salt Use in the United States     View
This 1991 document provides history and description of practices for the application of salt for deicing roads. Includes details about storage, official uses in various states, and costs. Also includes images. Opens directly into a PDF document. From ...

California Highways     View
"These pages provide information on every state numbered route that was ever defined in California. This includes the route's current definition, as well as historical information and all known names." Also contains definitions and historic ...

Committee ABE25: Congestion Pricing     View
Website for this Transportation Review Board (TRB) committee whose purpose is to foster research of pricing approaches for reducing traffic congestion (often referred to as congestion pricing). Includes background, presentations, research, news, and ...

France Shows Off Tallest Bridge     View
December 2004 article about the opening of "the Millau bridge over the River Tarn in the Massif Central mountains [in France. The bridge] is more than 300m (984ft) high — taller even than the country's Eiffel Tower." Includes images an ...

Le Viaduc de Millau     View
Official site for the Millau Bridge, "the highest bridge in the world," which spans the Tarn River in the Massif Central Mountains in France. The bridge opened in December 2004. The site features images and information about the technology ...

New York Area Roads, Crossings and Exits - The Complete Guide     View
An inclusive site for the roads, bridges, and tunnels of the New York City region. The table of contents categorizes parkways, expressways, crossings, and exits by geographical area. Each existing road, bridge, and tunnel is fully described with an h ...

Celebrating 50 Years: The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System     View
A site commemorating the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways on its 50th anniversary in 2006. Features a FAQ, historical background about the development of the federal interstate highway system and related material (such a ...

Interstate Highways     View
A searchable list of U.S. Interstate Highways, with numbers of miles covered, connecting routes, major cities crossed, and, in some cases, a history.

Andy's Highway Kickoff Page     View
Lists and links to dozens of Web sites devoted to all aspects of highway history, science and lore.

Value Pricing Pilot Program     View
Background and updates about this federal government pilot program that "encourages implementation and evaluation of value pricing pilot projects to manage congestion on highways through tolling and other pricing mechanisms." Provides quart ...



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