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One Is Ready for One's Close-up     View
This September 2006 article discusses shifting attitudes in Britain about depictions of the royal family on screen. Describes BBC prohibitions in the 1940s of impressions of leading political figures, deference given to the royal family in the 1950s- ...,,1867061,00.html FAQ: Royal and Noble Families of the World     View
"This regular posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers and other useful information about royal and noble families of the world, excluding Britain's royal and noble families. (The British Royal & Noble Familie ...

Directory of Royal Genealogical Data     View
This site offers a searchable database containing the "genealogy of almost every ruling house in the Western world including the British Royal family." There are over 30,000 entries in the database spanning many generations, and there is brief biogr ...

King George III Topographical Collection     View
Collection of over 2,500 "watercolours, drawings and prints from the vast collection amassed by a monarch for whom geography was a personal passion as well as a professional necessity." View highlights or browse the entire collection. Inclu ...

The Execution of Charles I     View
Background about the execution of this British monarch in January 1649. In this essay, the author presents an argument that this regicide was "a solution made thinkable by ... [existing] aspects of English political culture and history." In ...

Diana Remembered     View
"Ten years after her death [on August 31, 1997] Diana, the Princess of Wales, remains as fascinating today as when she was the most photographed woman in the world. People looks back in snapshots at the mom, fashionista, humanitarian and icon. ...     View
A history of the Tudor monarchs of England, featuring biographies, images, a blog, FAQ, details about life in Tudor times, other reference information, and links to other resources.

Royal marriages throughout history - World - CBC News     View
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a summary of primarily British royal weddings throughout history. Some that worked out and some that did not.

Noble Hounds and Dear Companions     View
Gallery of photos from a publication "that celebrates the relationship between the [British] Royal Family and their canine companions from the 1850s to the present day." Includes images such as "Princess Elizabeth, Charlotte the parrot ...

Diana Death a "Tragic Accident"     View
Collection of articles from December 2006 about "an official UK police inquiry into the [1997] Paris car crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed [and that] has found no evidence the couple were murdered." Includes a link to the ...



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