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History of Footwear     View
This site examines the history of footware in Europe and America from the Renaissance-era to the present. It also includes brief descriptions of men's and women's dress from those periods, a discussion of Lotus shoes in China and customs related to ...

The Bata Shoe Museum     View
This Toronto museum "celebrates the style and function of footwear" from ancient times to the present. The site features brief illustrated essays on footwear with sections on North American Indians, the circumpolar region, and the rest of t ...

Relate Magazine     View
Magazine for teenage girls, focusing on fashion, beauty, friendship, entertainment, non-denominational faith. Promotes self-esteem.

La Couturiere Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site     View
History of European costume from the Renaissance through the 20th century, with illustrations, images, descriptions and many sewing patterns.

American Apparel and Footwear Association     View
Established in 2000, the AAFA is an organization that focuses on providing support to American footwear, apparel and other sewn products in the competing global market. Through their mission, they are a "source for intelligence and catalyst for chang ...

Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page     View
This page consists of an index of articles written by Dr. Stephen Pribut about all aspects of running. He covers training styles, equipment needs, and related injuries. There is also a list of podiatric links. Users may e-mail Dr. Pribut with speci ...

Dressed to the Nines: A History of Baseball Uniforms     View
The National Baseball Hall of Fame presents an exhibit on the history of baseball uniforms. Look at a timeline of major changes in baseball uniforms or search the Uniform Database for pictures of the uniforms. Includes fun activities about baseball ...     View
Featuring everything a grandparent might want to know, including expert advice on games, movies, vacations, finance, food, toys, and more, including basic information like how to break the ice with your grandchildren. Advice is all for a grandparents ...

Personal Hygiene: Taking Care of your Body     View
Here are some helpful tips for keeping your body clean and healthy.     View hosts websites whose content and links are created and/or selected by hundreds of "Guides," experts who provide articles, advice, and resources on a particular subject. Search by broad channels or more specific topics.



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