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New Classic Television Website     View
Alphabetical listing of television theme songs. Includes all types of shows - cartoons, dramas, comedies, soaps, game shows, science fiction, and sports, and variety shows.

Boowa and Kwala     View
"A fun story, sing-song children's music plus mazes, coloring games, guessing games and more for kindergarteners and preschoolers. Cartoons and interactivity with Macromedia Flash."

Sheet Music Consortium     View
Contains tens of thousands of images of sheet music from collections throughout the United States. Browsable by title, and searchable by composer, subject, publisher, and date. A project of "a group of libraries working toward the goal of buildi ...

Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music     View
A digitally scanned collection of "more than 62,500 pieces of historical sheet music registered for copyright: more than 15,000 registered during the years 1820-1860 and more than 47,000 registered during the years 1870-1885. Included are popula ...

California Library Systems Cooperative Song Index     View
This site contains nearly 150,000 song titles "(mostly popular music) from 1,500 sheet music collections (song books, magazines, and other collections). It indexes the collections of the California Library System Reference Centers and some of th ...

Annoying Music     View
Collection of radio program audio files showcasing "stinky," "neglected," or otherwise "bad music." Music is presented for themes such as Valentine's Day, campaign songs, Elvis Presley, May Day, Mother's Day, Halloween ...

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)     View
"A performing rights organization that represents approximately 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music." The heart of this site is Repertoire, a database of 4.5 million song titles searchable by artist, p ...     View
View the playlists of radio stations throughout the U.S. to identify what song was playing at a specific time during the past 24 hours. Search by radio call letters or ZIP code for a list of stations in your area. Also includes lists of the current t ...

The Pontic Music Homepage     View
History and audio relating to the Greeks of Pontos who were settled mostly in Macedonia after the 1922 Treaty of Lausanne. Instruments including the kemenche, a type of lyra, and the tulum, a type of bagpipe, are discussed as well as dance forms incl ...

Barry Louis Polisar     View
This site is all about the music and books of Barry Louis Polisar, an American author and musician. "Barry Louis Polisar is a one-man symphony of comic anarchy. At a time when vast numbers of our kids see school as endless drudgery, Polisar says oth ...



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