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South Pacific Travel     View
Links to all South Pacific tourist offices and airlines and resources about islands in the South Pacific. Includes travel ideas and information about David Stanley's travel guides.

Celebration of Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Jie)     View
Introduction to this Chinese holiday "celebrated two weeks after the vernal equinox," in which family members visit graves "to tend to any underbrush that has grown." The site describes past and present observations of Tomb Sweepi ...

Tourism Penang, Malaysia: Festivals     View
This list of Malaysian festivals and holidays includes detailed material about selected events such as Chinese New Year, the Hungry Ghosts Festival in August, and the mid-autumn Mooncake Festival. From the official website of Tourism Penang.

Japanese Culture: Holidays     View
Descriptions of Japanese holidays such as Coming of Age Day (second Monday of January), Constitution Day (May 3), Children's Day (May 5), Respect for the Aged Day (September 15), Culture Day (November 3), and the Emperor's Birthday (December 23). Fro ...

All About Japanese Hina Dolls     View
"Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates the Doll Festival (Japanese, Hina Matsuri). Until recently, Girls' Day was also celebrated on March 3rd. On this day every year, families set up a special step-altar on which to arrange their Emperor an ...

Australia's Official Tourism Website     View
Australian tourism and travel information including: "regional highlights, travelers' tales, facts about Australia, guide to events in Australia, and travel news group archives"

Japan In-Depth: History & Culture: Traditional Annual Events     View
Collection of descriptions of traditional annual festivals and events in Japan, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival, Setsubun (bean-throwing festival), Soma-Nomaoi (wild horse racing), Dai-Chochin Matsuri (giant lantern festival), Shichi-Go-San (childr ...

Study in New Zealand     View
Useful website for knowing what to do to apply for visas, information on colleges and universities in New Zealand, and other tips for traveling and studying abroad.

AsiaSource     View
This resource is designed to provide "timely, reliable, unbiased information and assistance regarding the cultural, economic, social, historical, and political dimensions of Asia." Includes news, events, food, maps, statistics, a list of ho ...

Asian Public Holidays     View
A listing, by country, of holidays observed in Asia, Australia, and South Pacific nations. The listings were "gathered from embassies, consulates, and other holiday websites" by AsiaSource, an online resource of the Asia Society.



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