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Guide for the Mexican Migrant     View
English translation of a guide for Mexican nationals seeking employment outside of Mexico. The guide describes legal migration methods and answers "some basic questions about the legal consequences of your stay in the United States of America w ...

Mexico Migration Project (MMP)     View
Each year this project compiles a history of Mexican migration to the U.S. based on interviews conducted in Mexico during the winter. Topics include employment, earnings, and use of U.S. social services. The site features downloadable data, maps, and ...

Truth in Immigration     View
This website was created to refute "legal and factual inaccuracies about immigrants and Latinos," specifically those that are "disseminated and promoted in the media, the public messaging of anti-immigration organizations, and politica ...

Ancestors in the Americas     View
Website companion to a television series that presents "the untold history and contemporary legacy of early Asian immigrants to the Americas, from the 1700s to the 1900s." Features stories, an Asian American timeline, program clips, filmmak ...

The New Americans     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Independent Lens documentary about "a diverse group of immigrants and refugees as they leave their home ... and learn what it means to be new Americans in the 21st century." Immigrants includ ...

Becoming American: The Chinese Experience     View
This site about the Chinese American experience explores the "struggle and triumph, progress and setbacks, discrimination and assimilation" associated with the immigration of Chinese to the United States. The site provides biographical port ...

Women Immigrants 1945 to the Present: A Bibliography     View
"Literature on women immigrants. It is a supplement and update of the publication, Women in Global Migration, 1945-2000: A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Bibliography. ... The books, journals, essays, government reports and doctoral dissertatio ...

Questions and Answers for New Pilot Naturalization Exam     View
This document provides all of the 144 questions and answers for the pilot test (released in November 2006) of the new U.S. naturalization exam. The exam includes "new questions that focus on the concepts of democracy and the rights and responsib ...

The Highland Clearances     View
A Web project to tell the stories of the thousands of Scots evicted from their land who came to Canada and the US in the 1800s. In addition to historical articles, there is a searchable database of individuals and the ships they traveled on.

Open Hearts, Closed Doors: The War Orphans Project     View
During World War II, thousands of Jewish children became orphans overnight. This site chronicles the journey of a few of those children, from prewar persecution to a fresh start with new families in Canada. Includes a timeline of Canadian immigration ...



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