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Luis Posada Carriles: The Declassified Record     View
Declassified "CIA and FBI documents detail career in international terrorism" and "connection to U.S." by this Cuban exile. Documents discuss Carriles' role in the bombing of a Cubana airliner in 1976, his role in the Iran-Contra ...

Female Suicide Bombers: Dying to Kill     View
This December 2004 article reports on the increase in women suicide bombers in Russia's Chechnya region, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank in Israel, and other areas. Discusses possible motivations for women to become suicide bombers, impact on the women ...

In Depth: London Explosions     View
Information about the July 7, 2005, terrorist attacks on the London Underground and a London bus. Includes a map of the four central London blast locations, images of the scenes (including eyewitness photos), video clips, and a timeline. Find news st ...

Madrid Train Attacks     View
News and analysis about the 10 bombs that exploded on four trains in three stations in Madrid during rush hour on March 11, 2004. Features a timeline, map, eyewitness accounts, and a video. Also provides links to related stories, including informatio ...

Beslan: Siege of School No. 1     View
This Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Wide Angle program "examines the three-day ordeal [in the Russian town of Beslan in September 2004] that saw Chechen gunmen hold more than 1,000 hostages, most of them children" and "in which seve ...

At-a-Glance: Delhi Bombs     View
News about the three bombs that "exploded almost simultaneously in the Indian capital, Delhi, on Saturday [October 29, 2005], killing 62 people and injuring 210." Includes a map, photos, video clips, and links to related stories on topics s ...

Unabomber     View
The Sacramento Bee's coverage of the trial of Theodore Kaczynski. This site includes a story archive, details of the investigation, information on the key participants, a timeline, the "Unabomber Manifesto," public record court documents, p ...

Egyptian Police "Identify Bomber"     View
Article about the July 2005 bombings at Egypt's Red Sea resort Sharm al-Sheikh. Includes links to news, reactions, and background information. Also includes photos and video clips. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Secrets in the Sand     View
"In the last few years, the Sahara desert has become a focus of interest for the US military ... it is seen by Washington as a perfect hideout for terrorists. The BBC's Catherine Fellows sets out to separate fact from fiction in this two part [a ...

Suicide Bombers     View
Companion site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Wide Angle episode from 2004 that looks at the history of suicide terrorism, with an emphasis on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Provides overviews of suicide terrorist attacks around the world ( ...




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