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Speeches: Graduation and More     View
Tips for writing and presenting effective speeches for all occasions. Includes links to related resources. An site.

Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches From Around the World     View
Hundreds of speeches delivered from 1848 to 2001. The site "primarily collects speeches by living women ... [and] is intended for secondary school and undergraduate students." Searchable, and browsable by name and year. From librarian Liz K ...

Was Ralph Waldo Emerson Our First Motivational Speaker?     View
This article explores the idea of Transcendentalist poet, essayist, and public speaker Ralph Waldo Emerson being the first of the motivational speakers, who today are known for "public appearances, videotapes, and books [that] promise to make us ...

C-SPAN: State of the Union     View
Transcripts of U.S. presidential State of the Union addresses as given to a joint session of Congress early each year. Includes transcripts back to Harry S. Truman's address in 1945, and video back to George H.W. Bush's address in 1989, plus a video ...

Project Gutenberg: State of the Union Address (1790-2001) by United States Presidents     View
Full text of this annual address given by the U.S. presidents to a joint session of congress, as delivered by George Washington (1790) through Bill Clinton (2000). Also includes the text of George W. Bush's address from 2002. From the Project Gutenbe ...

Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address     View
Text of "A World Split Apart," the famous commencement address given by Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard University on June 8, 1978. Provided by the Augustine Club, a student organization at Columbia University "dedic ...

The American Presidency Project     View
Created at the University of California, Santa Barbara, it contains presidential documents starting with George Washington. Read FDR's fireside chats and compare the number of words in presidential inauguration addresses.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents     View
This site "contains statements, messages, and other Presidential materials released by the White House during the preceding week." You can search by keyword and limit by year (back to 1993) or, beginning with the 2001 database, browse the weekly tabl ...

State of the Union (SOTU)     View
The site uses an interactive timelime to provides a visual representation of prominent words in presidential State of the Union addresses by displaying significant words as "determined by comparing how frequently the word occurs in the document ...

Speeches on Campus, American University     View
This site presents an annotated collection of current and past speeches at American University (Washington, D.C.) by celebrities, politicians, and other notables. Includes the text of speeches by Tim Russert (of "Meet the Press" and NBC New ...



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