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Spelling Reform Files     View
"This page links to a number of files about spelling reform, including descriptions of and text in a number of systems." Includes links to material on phonemic systems, hybrid systems, respelling systems, and different type of spelling syst ...

Advocates Push for Simpler "Spelling"     View
This 2006 article provides an introduction to the movement to simplify written English spelling. The story notes that while there have been no changes in spelling rules in the 100 years since Andrew Carnegie helped create the Simplified Spelling Boar ...

Scripps National Spelling Bee     View
Features official information about the spelling bee, which started with nine contestants in 1925. Learn more about the competition (held annually in June), view statistics from current and past spelling bees, and learn more about spelling bees and s ...

Newspaper in Education: Spelling Bee Resources     View
Provides study resources for spelling bee hopefuls, including a practice list, warm-up words, and the "fateful 50," a list of words missed by championship contestants. From the Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal's Newspaper in Education progra ... Free online dictionary resources from Oxford University Press     View
Provides essays, definitions, resources, FAQs, and games about the English language, usage, history, grammar, and related topics. If your questions are not answered on the website, you can send them to the Oxford Word and Language service team.

AskOxford: Better Writing     View
Want to improve your writing in real life situations such as email and online situations? Are you confused by similar words, or unsure of your grammar? Better English includes guides on these areas and more, as well as a series of practical tips to i ...

WordWorld     View
Join Bear, Sheep, Pig, Frog, Dog, and Duck for games and "Build a Word" adventures in WordWorld, "where words come alive." The official web site for the PBS series, recommended for children ages 3 - 6.

TV Ontario for Kids     View
This colorful, interactive site is a great place for playing games, finding educational activities such as spelling exercises, and looking at recipes for kids' favorite foods. There are also contests and information on TV Ontario's hosts. Also incl ...

Dave's ESL Cafe     View
Resources for ESL teachers and students. Includes quizzes, slang, idioms, grammar lessons and much more! There is also a forum board for English Language Learners along with a job and resume posting site for the teachers.

Start Learning American Sign Language     View
Includes an American Sign Language dictionary and video lessons. Also has information about deaf history and deaf culture.



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