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Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum     View
"Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is an interactive, hands-on celebration of Alberta's Sporting history. The over 6,000 square feet of exhibit space includes an interactive hockey rink, baseball pitching field, Alpine Skiing machine, and the Ho ...

College Football Rivalries     View
A list of traditional college football rivalry games in the United States, with "each rivalry ... listed under the team alphabetically first." Includes series record and description of trophy for each rivalry, and games which are often play ...

Why Are Rivalries So Intense?     View
A description of the different reasons underlying college football rivalries. Includes a discussion of in-state rivalries (between public schools and between public and private schools), border wars ("schools in states adjacent to one another ...

National Collegiate Athletic Association     View
Official web site of the NCAA. Contains an explanation of the NCAA and its role in supervising college athletics in the United States, an e-mail directory of NCAA personnel by topic, and news and results from NCAA sanctioned competitions in numerous ...

Footbag WorldWide Information Service     View
Background information about the sport that involves kicking around a small beanbag (called a footbag or hacky sack). Provides an overview of the sport, a FAQ, an international directory of clubs, event listings, results from tournaments, photos, ins ...     View
Boxing news, results, schedules, rankings, photo gallery, chat, links, and a message board.     View
A great source of information on the international cricket world. Find up-to-the-minute game results, as well as current and archived statistics for teams, test matches, and World Cups. Also includes video clips, feature articles, betting, and a phot ... Kids     View
This is the kids' section of Major League Baseball's site. It has games, tips from the pros, and links to each MLB team's kids' website.

BAM! Body and Mind Activity Cards     View
Find out the basics on different sports from baseball to yoga. Each card describes how to play, has fun facts, and shows what parts of the body a sport exercises.

Shotokan Karate of America     View
Central organization of Shotokan Karate in the U.S. Responsible for sanctioning belt rankings and testing. Site contains information on the organization, dojos around the country and the history of the Shotokan style.



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