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Storybird     View
Use your imagination (and your computer!) to create illustrated stories by yourself or with your family or friends. You can also read stories by other kids.

Zimmer Twins     View
Edgar and Eva Zimmer were ordinary 12-year-olds until they adopted a cat named 13 and developed psychic powers. You can take the story from there by creating and sharing your own movies featuring the Zimmer twins, and watching others' creations!

The Hasidic Stories Homepage     View
The art of Hasidic Storytelling. A collection of stories from the Hasidic tradition as well as a list of articles and resources.

The Center for Children's Books     View
Features collection development, storytelling, and programming resources for children's librarians. Includes bibliographies, lists of best books, reviews, audio clips of storytelling events, and related Web links. A program of the Graduate School of ...

Resources for Storytellers     View
From the Center for Children's Books. Lists of stories for different age groups, plus links to resources on storytelling techniques and educational use.

Book Fairs and Other Literary Events     View
Extensive listing of U.S. and international book fairs and other literary events (such as poetry and storytelling festivals). Provides contact phone numbers and websites, and month of the events. Listed alphabetically and by state. From the Library o ...

Breaking Into Creative Nonfiction     View
Definitions, discussion, and tips for publishing creative nonfiction, which is "fact-based writing that can perhaps be best understood as the union of storytelling and journalism." By Chip Scanlon, columnist for Poynter Online.

Qwiki     View
A search engine that talks to you like a helpful friend - or maybe your favorite teacher. "Qwiki is working to deliver information in a format that's quintessentially human ??? via storytelling instead of search." Search on any one of millions of top ...     View
Find rare films by independent filmmakers on diverse topics such as music (blues, roots, klezmer, gospel, playground songs, and more), outsider art, folk crafts (such as quilting and basketmaking), folk dance, religious experience, storytelling, and ...

Multicultural Literature in the United States Today     View
This 2009 publication "focuses on distinguished American writers from various ethnic backgrounds who add immeasurably to mutual understanding and appreciation through tales of their native lands and their experiences as Americans." Some of ...




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