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Epicurious: Seasonal Cooking     View
Collection of resources for seasonal and local cooking, including seasonal ingredients, a peak season ingredient map for the U.S., visual introductions to foods such as peppers and mushrooms, farmer blog, and recipes. From Epicurious.

New American Dream: Food: Cater to the Earth     View
Website for a "campaign focused on the environmental impact of food production and consumption." Features material on fair trade and bottled water, a marketplace to help identify sustainable foods, and a blog. From New American Dream, ...

Sierra Club: Sustainable Consumption     View
This website promotes sustainable consumption, "the use of goods and services that satisfy basic needs and improve quality of life while minimizing the use of irreplaceable natural resources and the byproducts of toxic materials, waste, and poll ...

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems     View
This center "is a research, education, and public service program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system." Its site features detai ...

Chefs A' Field: Culinary Adventures That Begin on the Farm     View
Recipes from this television cooking show (and cookbook) focusing on food produced from local farmers. Browse episodes by region to find photos, quotes from farmers, and recipes, or view recipes by type of dish. Some of the foods featured include Ver ...

Journalism Professor Michael Pollan's New Book on the U.S. Food Chain Provides Few Soundbites -- But Much to Chew On     View
This April 2006 press release describes Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma," in which "he takes readers to the feedlot, to the farm, and into the woods in search of the origins of our dinner." His book notes "that ...

Food Policy Institute     View
Website for this research institute whose mission is "to bring the depth of academia's knowledge to bear on pressing issues and challenges facing the food system by providing timely and relevant research that is responsive to the needs of govern ...

Sustainable Table: The Issues     View
This site introduces users "to the major issues surrounding sustainable meat and factory farming." Topics include additives, animal welfare, genetic engineering, heritage livestock breeds and heirloom crop varieties, hormones, mad cow disea ...


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