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Candy Mag     View
Here is the online version of Candy, "the hottest teen magazine today for Filipino girls."

Healthy Teen Network (HTN)     View
This Web site provides information on a variety of health and social issues related to pregnant teenagers, teen fathers, and teen sexual behavior. Includes directories of organizations, publications, and links to online resources.

Teen Health: Healthy Mind     View
Coping strategies for teens with ADHD, Dyslexia, and more. Search through both the Teen and Young Adult Sections.

Teen Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion     View
In this photodocumentary, eight teens tell the stories of their sexuality. The site also includes articles on the impact of culture and media on teen sexuality.
Teen Voices     View
"Teen Voices challenges the mainstream media's image of girls by providing an intelligent alternative packed with original writing, poetry and artwork. We encourage our readers to write articles on self-esteem, racism, sexism, feminism, popular cultu ...

Teen Workers     View
This site provides "teen worker safety and health information," as well as facts about teenager rights and responsibilities while working. Includes focus areas for restaurant and agriculture workers and sections for employers, parents, teen ...

Teen Advice Online     View
"The Mission of Teen Advice Online (TAO) is to provide support for teenage problems through a network of peers from around the globe...[They're] a team of non-professionals, ages 13 and beyond, providing suggestions for your problems." Also includes ...

Teen Health: Healthy Mind     View
Coping strategies for many mental health issues, including anger, anxiety, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, stress and suicide. Search through both the Teen and Young Adult sections.

Teen Voices Online     View
Written by, for, and about teenage and young adult women, this magazine is "packed with original writing, poetry, and artwork by teen women from across the U.S. and around the world." It includes articles on cultural harmony, motherhood, ab ...

Teen Safety on the Information Highway     View
This is a place for you to learn more about safety and privacy on the Internet. Find out how innocent activities on the web could be used to exploit you or your privacy. This is written just for teens and applies to teen interests.




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