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Next>> Directory of Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries     View
A searchable directory that links to over "3500 bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries freely available on the Internet." Search by language, subject, or title. Available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. "The s ...

Word2Word - Online Dictionaries and Translators     View
Web directory. A listing of online translation dictionaries, organized alphabetically by language.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online     View
Published for "people learning English all over the world." Search the full texts of four Cambridge Dictionaries: Learner's, American English, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs.

The Internet Living Swahili Dictionaries     View
Browse or search three dictionaries: English-Swahili, Swahili-English, and Russian-Swahili. This project, sponsored by an international organization for linguistic research and community service, also offers specialized Swahili vocabulary lists and ...

Hawaiian Dictionaries     View
Online access to the Pukui/Elbert and M??maka Kaiao Hawaiian-English Dictionaries. Enter a word into the text field and receive its meaning.

Romanian Dictionaries Site     View
This online dictionary translates, produced by Industrial Soft, translates words from English to Romanian, and Romanian to English. It also conjugates Romanian verbs. Users have the opportunity to download the dictionary for their personal computer ...

Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries     View
This site consists of 4 Gaelic dictionaries from which you can search: an Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language (Scottish Gaelic), The School Gaelic Dictionary (Scottish Gaelic), Fockleyr Gaelg Baarle (Manx Gaelic), and Gramadach Lexicon (Ir ...

Lexicon: Greek-English-Greek Dictionary     View
With this dictionary, users can translate English to Greek, and then Greek to English. Users also have the option of translating to Ancient Greek. If a user is translating from Greek to English, they can type their Greek word in using Greek fonts, ...

The American-British/British-American Dictionaries     View
This is the ???definitive American-British and British-American Dictionaries.??? Both dictionaries are only scrollable, with users jumping to sections of the alphabet through links. Users can also view a pronunciation guide, British TV information, ...

Searching Lexicon     View
This source translates English words into Welsh and vice versa. Users have the option of translating whole words or partial words. Also, if a user clicks the ???attempt??? translations, it will give a list of ???the exact translation???, or what se ...




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